It’s the last thing anyone wants to hear right now, but health experts are worried that a fourth wave of COVID-19 is inevitable, a year after it was deemed as a global pandemic.

An imminent fourth wave

This new development comes after the rise of coronavirus cases across the country, putting more pressure in the health sector and prompting officials to impose restrictions as being complacent could lead to the dreaded fourth wave. The warning was issued despite the acceleration in the pace of vaccinations being administered.

Data shows that on average, the U.S. has tallied 63,000 new cases daily over the past week. Peaking back in January, the third coronavirus wave saw about 250,000 people testing positive daily for the virus. Additionally, only five states have recently seen a decline in new cases.

mask mask Per Dr. Fauci, masks are still necessary in 2021. Photo: unsplash (CC0)

Now, cases are rising in the Midwest, Northeast and elsewhere as governors continue to relax safety protocols that are intended to limit the spread of the virus. Furthermore, with vaccinations continuing around the country, some people are getting more relaxed in terms of social distancing and mask wearing. Thankfully, with 71.8 percent of Americans aged 65 and older inoculated with at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, this fourth wave could have fewer hospitalizations and deaths.

Still, U.S. President Joe Biden has asked regional officials to keep or reinstate mask mandates, as it’s still one of the best ways to curb the spread of the coronavirus, per ABC News.

Face masks still an essential

According to CDC guidelines, wearing a face mask is still very effective against COVID-19, even though vaccines are becoming more widely available.

“I want it to keep going down to a baseline that’s so low there is virtually no threat. If you combine getting most of the people in the country vaccinated with getting the levels of the virus in the community very, very low, then I believe you’re going to be able to say, you know, for the most part, we don’t necessarily have to wear masks,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci via The New York Times, reiterating that masks may still be important in 2022.

The problem however, is the supply of these face masks. When the pandemic started last year, the U.S. faced a huge shortage that severely affected its health, public and private sector. Health officials and frontliners had to resort to reusing disposable face masks, while citizens started using mask alternatives.

Thankfully, the situation has since improved and affordable face masks are still easily accessible. Manufacturers are now more well-stocked, one of which is SewCal Masks.

Affordable PPE

Family-owned and operated, SewCal Masks is a U.S.-based manufacturer that specializes in producing U.S.-made masks that provide protection from airborne illnesses such as COVID-19. Using its expertise in manufacturing clothing, SewCal has assemble a team of industry experts to help manufacture the masks.

mask2 SewCal Masks' $1 Face Mask Club offers an affordable face mask without skimping on quality. Photo:

Right now, SewCal Masks offers one of the most affordable face masks in the market thanks to its $1 Face Mask Club. Through a $1 subscription, members get SewCal’s fast-drying, hyper cooling, long-lasting antibacterial face mask per month (meaning you spend as low as $0.6 per use).

Made from materials sourced only from top suppliers, each face mask is made from 100 percent cotton and consists of a double-lined cotton fabric structure making it breathable, comfortable and durable, lasting up to 50 washes. In addition to its 3-ply structure, each mask also comes with a pocket for optional replaceable filters for extra protection from airborne viruses and contaminants. An optional nose bridge may also be included for a better fit.

Manufactured in a clean environment, these incredibly affordable face masks help ensure everyone gets a fair chance at protecting themselves against COVID-19.

In addition to its affordable cotton masks, SewCal also offers cone-shaped cloth masks in different colors and designs. Each of these masks are also washable and made from cotton, while the cone-shape gives it a better fit.

mask3 SewCal Masks also offers the Safe Guard PRO, which is made from the softest fabric and has moisture-wicking and anti-microbial growth technology. Photo:

Lastly, SewCal also offers the top-of-the-line Safe Guard PRO Adjustable Face Mask. Crafted from the softest fabric ever, Safe Guard PRO is treated with antimicrobial silver and gold technology, which helps prevent odor, discoloration, deterioration, moisture and bacterial growth. The ear loops are also adjustable while the fabric is breathable enough to be worn all day. Masks are sold in single packs, 5-packs and packs of 50.

With masks still deemed necessary in America, companies like SewCal Masks are doing a great service in providing people with affordable and quality essentials that became very limited last year.

The end of the pandemic may still be a long way away, but companies like SewCal Masks are here to provide aid, one cotton mask at a time. Learn more about SewCal Masks and its products by clicking here