A man in Germany allegedly received the COVID-19 vaccine 87 times, according to local newspaper Freie Presse.

The police said that the man in question was paid by anti-vaxxers to get the shot in their place, and went to three different vaccine sites a day, for a total of 87 doses.

When getting the vaccines, the man did not present his health insurance card, only his name and date of birth, which is reportedly why authorities did not catch him eariler. The report states that each time he went to get jabbed, he would present a brand new vaccination document.

He was caught after a vaccination clinic employee in the state of Dresden was skeptical of his actions and was able to recognize him. When he showed up at a vaccination site in Eilenburg, employees called the authorities and arrested him.

According to Our World in Data, nearly 76% of Germany’s population is fully vaccinated as a total of 172 million doses have been administered.