The Delaware mother whose daughter was reported missing in the quake-damaged region of Japan has made contact with her after a week of worry and anxiety.

Karen Nagyiski, of Wyoming, just south of Dover, heard the voice of her daughter, Jessica Besecker, on a phone that was handed to the girl at a junior high school in Miyagi Prefecture.

Besecker, 24, has been teaching English in Japan for the past two years and had not been able to contact her family in the U.S. since last Friday when the quake first struck.

“She is alive, well, and safe, just without utilities or contact or cell phone,” Nagyiski told the Wilmington News-Journal newspaper.

Besecker was in a classroom at her school in the town of Kesennuma when the huge earthquake struck.

According to the News-Journal, “water from the tsunami flooded the streets in her town and supplies are severely restricted. But she is safe, staying with about 20 people in the school, which has become a shelter.”

Nagyiski explained that a woman in Japan who watched a CNN broadcast about her daughter, contacted the Delaware mother via her Facebook account and was somehow able to get the phone number as Besecker’s school.

“It was just a big sigh of relief,” Nagyiski said.