• Demi Lovato reunited with her co-stars from "Sonny With A Second Chance"
  • Demi Lovato shared her experiences when she was still filming "Sonny With A Second Chance"
  • Demi Lovato and Richard Branson raised $2 million for The Mental Health Fund

Demi Lovato got candid about her experience when she was still filming “Sonny with a Chance.”

On Saturday, Lovato reunited with her “Sonny” co-stars in a pre-recorded virtual chat. Tiffany Thornton, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Doug Brochu, Sterling Knight, Audrey Whitby, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Shayne Topp and Damien Haas joined in to talk about their experience filming the show.

During their conversation, Lovato looked back at her experiences when she was still working on the Disney series. According to her, it would take hours for her to finish fitting, but when she made a guest appearance on “Will & Grace,” it only took 10 minutes and she didn’t care how she looked.

Lovato said she “wasn't sleeping and I was so miserable and angry too because I felt like I was being overworked.” She also added that she was surprised when the series continued after she left.

“When I left, you don't expect your show to go on without you, but it did,” Lovato said. “But I couldn't have been happier for everybody…I just wasn't in a period of time when I was ready to be on camera again. I could not go back into that environment and there were other things that factored into it.”

In the same interview, Lovato said that while “Sonny” is dear to her heart, it’s something she would not want to revisit. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer said she loves her co-stars, but considering all the things she went through on the show, she would rather have a new project with them.

“I had the best time with you guys and when I think about the show, I miss you guys. And I miss spending time with you and joking and going to Kitchen 24 on our lunch breaks…If we were ever to do anything, I think we should just do a whole new thing,” Lovato said.

In 2011, Lovato said that she was moving on from “Sonny” to focus on her music. She also told People that she didn’t think it was healthy for her because she felt nervous when she’s in front of the camera.

Meanwhile, Lovato and Richard Branso have already raised $2 million for The Mental Health Fund. The initiative aims to provide crisis intervention via text messages 24/7.

Demi Lovato
Recording artist Demi Lovato attends the Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison