Donald Trump
Donald Trump Reuters

Donald Trump said he isn’t trying to pump up ratings for his NBC show The Apprentice by doing a flurry of media appearances about his potential 2012 presidential run.

“I don’t need ratings on The Apprentice. It’s a tremendous success,” said Trump in a Wall Street Journal interview.

“It’s the most successful show on NBC and one of the most successful shows on television,” he said.

He said it’s almost trivial to deflect such allegations. He claims he’s running for president because America is in great trouble.

He has ferociously attacked President Obama’s foreign policy. He criticized Obama for allowing countries like China to take advantage of the US with currency manipulation.

On the Middle East, he said the US should protect its oil interests.

Trump has blamed most US domestic economic problems on ineffective US foreign policy – including the high unemployment rate, budget deficit, and crumbling infrastructure.

He said if he were elected, he’d address foreign policy weaknesses and the US will be respected in the world again.