A McDonald’s customer, who behaved in a disorderly manner after calling the police to complain about his burger having onions, was found guilty of assault at Manchester magistrates court, England, on Friday.

Leslie McDonagh, 53, dialed 999 on Dec.21, 2018, and complained that the staff put onions in his Big Mac and that he couldn’t eat it due to a "severe allergy."

When officers arrived at the restaurant, they found out that prior to calling 999, McDonagh had threatened to fight the manager. When the officers arrived and asked McDonagh to leave the place, he created a scene by falling on the floor and latching on to a police officer’s leg. He also spat at an officer who was escorting him off the premises.

Court heard that McDonagh was on his way home to meet his wife for their wedding anniversary when he decided to stop at the restaurant for a snack. He had reportedly left a work party where he had consumed six cans of beer.

“Police informed him that his food order being incorrect was not a valid reason to call them and they requested him to leave. They tried to escort him out of the premises, he’s fallen to the floor and attempted to grab hold of the legs of the officer,” prosecutor Paul Sumner said, Metro reported.

“The police then were able to hold the defendant by his arms in the scuffle and escort him out of the store. The officers were struggling with the defendant and whilst they were doing this, he spat in one of the officers face. He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting an emergency worker,” he added.

Defense lawyer Claire Parrot said, “One thing that wasn’t clear is that it wasn’t just an argument about the order being wrong, the defendant has severe allergies. He specifically asked for something to not be in his food and it was. That is how this started.”

“Of course he now realises that this was not a police matter. He called them as did the McDonald’s staff. His memory of the incident isn’t complete but he was quite clearly utterly embarrassed and ashamed. This was not a planned attack on the officer, he says that he’s not a violent person,” Parrot added.

Though he was arrested in December, he pleaded guilty to being drunk and behaving disorderly in public Friday. McDonagh was sentenced to a 12-month community order plus 120 hours of unpaid work and was also ordered to pay £190 ($248) fine.