This weekend is the Evolution Championship Series, better known as Evo, the biggest fighting-game competition in the world. Players from over 47 countries have landed in Las Vegas to try and win their share of over $300,000 in prize money. This year sees over 2,000 participants competing in "Ultra Street Fighter 4" alone.

Other games being played include "Persona 4," "Super Smash Bros." for Wii U, "Tekken 7," "Guilty Gear," and "Mortal Combat X." This is the last year that "Ultra Street Fighter 4" will be included in the competition, next year "Ultra Street Fighter 5" will replace it after its release in March 2016.

eSports is starting to gain momentum around the world. As of last year Riot Gaming's "League of Legends" reportedly had 27 million daily players, and the prize pool for the "DotA 2" International Championship on August 3-8 is close to $17 million as of Friday.

The Evo 2015 finals is being streamed on Twitch on Sunday (PT), watch some of the best players in the world battle it out below.

Main Stage

Evo 2015 Finals The schedule for the Evo 2015 finals competition, which will see some of the worlds best competitors fighting for their chance to be the best across a number of game titles. Photo: Evo & Shoryuken