A vegetarian diet is the healthiest diet plan and walking is the best aerobic exercise, while deadlifts are good for weightlifting, a study stated. According to the research, many individuals are not well aware of the best exercise and the most effective diet plans for them.

It is worth noting that obesity and overweight are the two major health problems faced by millions of people across the globe. So, exercising and eating healthy have become the major focus of a large population worldwide. But many of the most common workouts and diet plans may not be helpful for fitness trainers and nutritionists as it would for others, according to the study. The study stated that many individuals are not doing things right mainly because they are not receiving expert advice.

The research, conducted by Ellipticalreviews.com, reported that 82 percent of people in the United States are not getting workout advice from a fitness trainer and 76 percent are not getting nutrition advice from a dietitian.

As a result, these individuals are at increased risk of making mistakes that can sabotage their long-term health goals, jeopardize their diet and might even lead to injury. However, hiring a fitness trainer or a nutritionist can be expensive for an average American, the study noted.

Through the study, the research team tried to find out the best fitness advice experts in the field can give to the common people. For it, they interviewed more than 300 fitness trainers and nutritionist. The research also included 100 individuals who started working out last year.

The best fitness advice was "to keep consistent", which was following by staying hydrated as well as stretching and warm-ups before workouts. The best advice by nutritionists was to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar as well as to focus on healthy eating.

The research team also found that lotus pose in yoga and rollup in pilates are the two best low-impact workouts. For weight training, deadlifts in weightlifting and agility exercises in boot camp-style workouts topped the list.

Under cardiovascular training, walking was listed as the best aerobic exercise, while butt kicks ranked first in high-intensity interval training. The study also said vegetarian diet is the healthiest meal plan.

The five most healthy snacks are fresh fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables, yogurt and boiled eggs, and the least healthy snacks are chips, candy, chocolate, burgers, pastries and cookies, the study noted.

Exercise and Diet Plan
Experts share best diet plans and workouts for a healthy lifestyle. Image by zuzyusa from Pixabay

Fitness trainers and nutritionists also shared the four most common traits of a successful and unsuccessful client. While good exercise form, dedication to a healthy diet, healthy weight and optimistic attitude were more the common traits of a successful client, lack of dedication to a healthy diet, high dependency on the trainer, skipping scheduled sessions and unwillingness to challenge themselves were the traits of an unsuccessful client.

“I was most surprised to find that a lot of the most common workout and nutrition advice wasn't as valuable to trainers as people thought it would be. For example, trainers rated stretching, warming up, and staying hydrated more valuable than other, more commonly given advice. I also found surprising that lack of dedication to a healthy diet was the number one trait trainers saw in unsuccessful clients,” Gesa Pannenborg, who works on behalf of the creative team at Elliptical Reviews, told International Business Times by an email.

However, the study has its own limitations, mainly because most of the information was based on self-reporting.

“Our data relies on self-reporting by the respondents. Issues with self-reported data include but are not limited to the following: selective memory, telescoping, attribution, and exaggeration. No statistical testing was performed,” the research team noted.