A total of 18 women have accused Filner of improper conduct, including inappropriate touching, kissing and comments. Reuters

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is facing a slew of sexual harassment accusations, will resign from office if the San Diego City Council accepts a proposed mediation agreement, local television stations reported on Thursday. Filner has been locked out of his office since the scandal broke.

According to CNN affiliate KGTV, the resignation would be effective on Friday.

"It is still our understanding that his resignation is part of the deal that the San Diego City Council needs to sign off on during tomorrow's closed session," said Lindy Hall, an official familiar with the negotiations.

Though City Councilman Scott Sherman acknowledged that he had not seen any agreement yet, he hoped that it would include a resignation, reports CNN.

"The quicker he's out of office, the quicker it is to get back into city business," said Sherman in an interview with KGTV.

Filner is accused of inappropriate contact that includes touching, kissing and comments. The mayor has admitted to the improper contact and recently attended therapy as a result of his actions.

But up until now, Filner has ignored resignation demands, stating that he felt his actions were not bad enough to justify being removed from office.

In a statement on Wednesday he revealed that he returned to work in the mayor's office that day. It was also shared that three days worth of mediation talks ended on that day as well, concluding with a tentative agreement. City officials have remained quiet about the details of the deal, though.

But it is expected that more information will be released about the agreement following the city council meeting on Friday to hash out the rest of the agreement.

The news of the possible deal between Filner and the city council coincides with another accusation of harassment carried out by the mayor. Dianne York, a businesswoman, told CNN that Filner put his hands on her buttocks as they took a picture following a meeting three months ago. She says that there were witnesses to his actions, seeing that both her advisers and Filner's were present in the room at the time.

In total, 18 women have accused Filner of improper conduct. It has led Filner's fiancé, Bronwyn Ingram, to call off the couple's engagement. Ingram had previously been known as the "first lady" of San Diego even though the two weren't officially married.

She stood beside him during his campaign for mayor, but now even Ingram is calling for the mayor to resign.

"I'm hopeful that tomorrow will begin a healing process and that attention will return to the needs of the people," Ingram said to reporters on Thursday.