Denzel Valentine
The dance is underway and a trip to the 2016 Final Four in Houston is on the line. Getty Images

The goal for all 68 teams in the 2016 NCAA men’s basketball tournament is a road trip to Houston, Texas. While Fairleigh Dickinson and Vanderbilt missed out on their chance to make the trip, 66 other teams remain alive in March Madness and the chance to play in the Final Four at NRG Stadium.

Taking place after three weeks of madness, the Final Four will be held on April 2 and 4. The two national semifinal games will be played on the 2nd and the national championship on the 4th.

The good news is seats are still available for both the national semifinal and the title game should college basketball fans want to make the trek to Houston. According to, tickets are up for grabs for just the semifinals, or just the championship, and there are packages for both.

For fans trying to attend all three games, the package deal starts at $259 per ticket on an upper end line to as much as a whopping $63,000 for a suite.

Attending only the semifinals might be a bit more cost effective to middle income fans and families. The price range falls between $206 to as much as $4,100.

However, the championship game could also be considered a bargain if your buying on the lower end of the price range. Passes for the upper end line are going for roughly $170, largely due to the fact that fans will see only one game as opposed to two of they attend the semifinals.

The opposite side of the price spectrum does shoot up. Currently, there are suite tickets available for more than $26,000 for the championship.

Parking passes are also quite pricey. For the semifinals the range is from $69 to more than $300, while the championship is $77 to $300.