The Flash
Barry (Grant Gustin) is now free to pursue Iris (Candice Patton) again. Pictured: The pair track a new foe in episode 11 of "The Flash" Season 2. The CW

For Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) of the CW's "The Flash," the will they/won't they game continues in Season 2. Shippers got their wish when the pair locked lips in Season 1, but Barry's foray into time travel undid the long awaited kiss. Now that Barry is newly single, will he pursue his longtime crush again ... in this timeline?

Patty (Shantel VanSanten) shocked Barry and fans alike when she dumped her superhero boyfriend in the Season 2 midseason premiere — although, can you really blame her after how many times she had been stood up while Barry was off chasing Zoom (Tony Todd)? While viewers will surely fret seeing Patty go — she is not just leaving Barry, but Central City all together — it does leave an opening for Barry and Iris to take another stab at acting on all those suppressed feelings. However, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says fans will still need to be a little patient.

"[Barry and Iris getting together] could definitely happen," Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly. "Right now, he’s reeling a little bit. Zoom is the splinter in his foot; it’s the thing that’s out there and ruining everything for him. What’s really going to happen after Patty’s last episode, which is [Jan. 26], is it’s really this need to get Zoom. Barry is still haunted by that video message that Wells [Tom Cavanagh] left, which said he’s never going to be happy. Now that he’s lost Patty, he’s decided that stopping Zoom is the only way he’s ever really going to be happy and disprove Wells/Thawne’s hypothesis."

It seems like something always gets in the way of the inevitable Barry/Iris power couple. At the beginning of Season 2, before Patty came into the picture, Kreisberg had said that the loss of Eddie (Rick Cosnett) in the Season 1 finale weighed too heavily on the pair for them to get romantic with each other just yet.

“Iris has been with Eddie for a long time and they were living together. [Eddie] didn’t just die, he died to save her. Obviously, Iris is going to be dealing with that," said Kreisberg in July. “Barry is going to be dealing with the fact that all Barry has ever wanted to do is protect Iris, and in the end it was Eddie who got to do it.”

So, Barry will again be preoccupied, but this time with Zoom. Plus, Iris seems be far too focused on fostering a relationship with her new brother, Wally West, who was introduced in the Season 1 finale, to have time for a hot and heavy love affair with The Flash anyway.

However, Iris West-Allen has literally been written — fans saw the name in the byline of an article in a newspaper from the future in Season 1. Fans just need to be patient.

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