• Liverpool dominated the Premier League and won their first title in 30 years
  • Chelsea is expected to congratulate Liverpool with a guard of honor
  • Frank Lampard remains motivated for Chelsea to excel at the Champions League

The 30-year first league title drought of Liverpool has ended by capturing this year’s Premier League title. Their rivals Chelsea will welcome this feat with a guard of honor amidst Frank Lampard’s squad’s aspirations for a Champions League berth.

The gesture is a way to congratulate Liverpool on what they have accomplished throughout the season. This is highlighted by Chelsea’s players forming two lines to clap for the recently crowned champions marching to the field.

While the grand gesture is a display of sportsmanship, Lampard ensures that the club is still very much determined to overtake their opponents in the near future. Per, Lampard wants the best for the organization in the Champions League.

"It’s massively important for the club," Lampard said.

The reputation of Chelsea is rooted in such rich history that Lampard understands the importance of playing at an elite level.

"Not just for the prestige. But if you are a club on the world stage like Chelsea have been you want to compete at the highest level and attract players of the highest level,” Lampard continued.

The significance of the Champions League has a big bearing on the impact of the team on how it can influence big names to be inclined to the club. Given the significant economic effects of the global pandemic, it’s important that clubs are financially protected.

"It obviously generates money for the club, let’s make no bones about it. So you understand why there is such intense scrutiny on who finishes in the top four. It would have been unheard of a good few years ago. Now it becomes not a trophy but an accomplishment in itself,” Lampard added.

The gap between the champions Liverpool and Chelsea is high with Lampard’s team sitting at the third place of the Premier League with 19 wins, six draws and eleven losses. It has truly been one of the more dominant performances by Liverpool as they sit on top with 93 points.

"We've seen the work of Liverpool in the last two or three years to understand how they get there. We have to work in our own way towards that. They've added well to their squad. They've recruited at really good time, with really important players, and they have an incredible manager who develops players,” Lampard concluded.

With the drive to improve, it will be interesting to see how Lampard’s Chelsea will bounce back in the coming months and if they’ll be able to rise as high as to how Liverpool has done this season.

Reality check: Chelsea boss Frank Lampard
Reality check: Chelsea boss Frank Lampard AFP / Glyn KIRK