Jack Lang, a Frenchman and member of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s political party, is angry at the “inhuman” way Strauss-Kahn has been treated by US authorities.

He is especially dismayed at the fact that Strauss-Kahn was denied bail, even “when no violent crime has been committed.”  Lang made his “no violent crime” comment on Europe 1 radio.

Strauss-Kahn, however, is accused of attempting to rape a hotel maid who was cleaning his hotel room.

A naked Strauss-Kahn allegedly locked the door to his hotel room, came up behind the maid, touched her breast and vaginal area, attempted to remove her pantyhose, and threw her on his bed before she broke free. 

He then pursued her, pushed her into a hall, and attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him before she finally escaped for good.

Lang isn’t the only Frenchman to complain about the “harsh” way Strauss-Kahn has been treated.   Many have accused the US of not respecting his presumption of innocence and especially objected to his ‘perp walk.’

Back in 2007, one prescient Frenchman foresaw problems from the clash of the two cultures.  Jean Quatremer, a journalist, was one of the few people to oppose Strauss-Kahn’s appointment as the head of the IMF, reported the Australian.

He said Strauss-Kahn is “too pushy [towards women] and often comes close to harassment.”  While France tolerates that kind of behavior, it wouldn’t fly in the Washington-D.C. based IMF because the “the customs are Anglo-Saxon.”

He predicted that Strauss-Kahn’s post would end in scandal.

Now that scandal has indeed erupted, some in France are outraged by the way the US and its 'puritan' Anglo-Saxon culture are treating him.

What shocks Americans, however, is that even before a trial has begun, he is already declared as having committed “no violent crime.” 

Chalked it up to culturally differences.