It's graduation season for millions of Americans. Creative Commons

Graduates everywhere are throwing off their hats and saying goodbye to textbooks and sleepless study nights as high school and college classes get their diplomas across the country. Millions of Americans will embark on the next chapters of their lives when the speeches are done and the bands have stopped playing. It’s a milestone certainly worth celebrating.

Getting that special someone the perfect gift to say congratulations on his or her big day doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple card, flowers or a nice dinner out can go a long way in recognizing a job well done. But if you’re the gift-giving type, we’ve got you covered. Here are some graduation gift ideas for boyfriends and girlfriends.

Graduation Gift Ideas For Girlfriends

1. A non-traditional take on flowers. For a girlfriend with a green thumb, these tiny cork vases shaped like teardrops from will make for a beautiful home display.

2. A S’well travel bottle. These nontoxic, reusable water bottles are good for the environment and look great, too.

3. Tea accessories. Warmers, trays and tea makers from Teavana are sure to have her thinking cozy thoughts.

4. Lululemon yoga mat. Yoga is a great stress reliever – and few people are more stressed than recent grads scrambling to launch their careers. Check out this yoga mat from Lululemon, and throw in a few passes at a local studio to get her started.

5. The “Alice in Wonderland” book charger. Why charge a phone with a boring, ordinary charger when there’s this charger from with a classic childhood story theme?

6. Personalized keepsake fortune cookie. This treat isn’t for eating and won’t spoil. Write down something nice to say to her, and will put it in a silver fortune cookie that she can keep forever.

7. A blender. It can be hard to find time for casual cooking when working full-time, especially as a recent grad. A blender, like this Ninja - Professional 3-Speed Blender from Best Buy, is a great way to throw together a quick breakfast or dinner smoothie.

8. Concert tickets. Is her favorite band or singer coming to town? Check StubHub for tickets to shows across the U.S.

Graduation Gift Ideas For Boyfriends

1. Leather portfolio. He’ll need something to carry those resumes in now that he’s graduated. Consider one of these leather portfolios from Leatherology.

2. Something homemade. How about a personalized picture frame? There’s nothing more special than a gift made with love.

3. Guitar glasses and coasters. For all the music lovers out there.

4. Precision tool set. Sometimes things just need fixing. Every good grad needs a tool kit to take care of those little projects that are sure to arise around the house.

5. The foolproof tie. Sure, it’s a cliché, but what makes it less cliché is the personal touch you add. Find a design that says something about who he is.

6. Desk organizer. This “Nailed It” desk organizer from UncommonGoods is sure to get him a few laughs at his new office job. It also serves a dual purpose of reminding him of his accomplishments.

7. Give back. The Global Gift Guide has suggestions for how you can give something in his name and make a difference at the same time.

8. Portable GPS. One of these portable GPS units from Best Buy with voice guidance will help him get where he needs to go without taking his eyes off the road.