Green Bay Packers beat Atlanta Falcons 48-21 in dominating performance, heads to NFC championship!

Below was the play-by-play live coverage:

Falcons have the first ball and they're driving down the field.

Packers now have possession of the ball as the Falcons fumble.

Green Bay fumbles. Packers now have the ball.

Falcons complete a pass. 1st and 10.

Falcons run for a one yard gain.

Falcons complete long pass, inches shy of first down.

Falcons go for it on fourth and inches.

Falcons get first down!

Falcons score touchdown on a run! And the fans are going wild!

Falcons complete field goal. Up 0-7.

Green Bay Packers drives down the field. Falcons get penalty. 1st and 5.

Falcons get first down.

Packers gets first down on 14 yard run.

Packers complete throw. Completes first down.

Packers complete a 18 yard throw. First quarter ends.

Packers complete 2-yard throw.

Packers complete pass on third down. Gets another first down.

Packers throw for touchdown! 7-7.

Falcons return kickoff for touchtown! 102-yard run. 7-14.

Packers failed to catch kickoff...

Packers complete 40-plus yard pass.

Packers complete pass for first down.

Packers throws incomplete pass.

Packers survive blitz, scrambles, completes long pass.

Packers throw completion, near first down.

Packers quarterback gets sacked.

Falcons get penalty, Packers first and goal.

Packers score touchdown with a short run. We are tied in Atlanta for 14-14.

Falcons run for first play. 2nd and 6.

Falcons fake run. Throws for first down.

Falcons throws long. Ball slips through Roddy White's fingers.

Green Bay penalty. 1st and 10.

Falcons run 2nd and 3.

Falcons throw a long.

3 minutes left in the second quarter.

Falcons false start. Five yard penalty.

Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan gets sacked. Direct hit!

Falcons throw long, go for a touchdown, but intercepted by Packers at end zone! Gets owned.

Ryan threw only 9 interceptions during the regular season.

Packers complete pass near first down.

2 minutes left in the second quarter.

Falcons false start.

Packers get blitzed. Ryan escapes for a six yard gain.

Packers complete wide open pass to Brad Jennings.

Packers complete pass. Brought down near first down.

Packers throw incomplete. Bounces off chest of Jennings.

Packers complete 20 yard pass.

Packers throw long for touchdown. James Jones makes incredibly difficult jump catch and slid out of the end zone! 21-14.

Falcons complete pass. Receiver gets hit hard.

Falcons completes pass. Steps out sideline to stop clock.

Falcons throw Hail Mary pass, but receiver drops.

Pass interference against Packers. 23 yard penalty.

Another pass interference against the Packers. Falcons fans cheer.

Falcons quarterback gets sacked, twisted down by multiple Packers players.

Falcons throw gets intercepted by Packers Tramon Williams, who takes it down the field and scores a 70 yard touchdown! And he has time to look back and taunt Falcons in the last ten yards of the run!

First half ends at 28-14, Packers.

Second half begins.

Packers get sacked for a loss of ten yards.

Packers throw for a gain.

On crucial third and long play, Packers QB gets blitzed, escapes, throws for a first down.

Packers run, shakes off tackle to gain a few more yards.

Packers fake throw, run and now in Atlanta territory.

Packers runner gets block. 2nd and 1.

Packers run for first down, jumped to evade tackle.

Packers fake hand-off but pass incomplete.

Announcer: Falcons defensive coordinator is obviously frustrated.

Fans cheer wildly for Packers next touchdown.

Packers throw long for 14 yard completion!

Green Bay Packers call time out.

Top performers for Packers so far:

Passing yards A. Rodgers: 279 yards.

Rushing yards J. Starks: 41 yards.

Receiving yards G. Jennings: 95 yards.

Green Bay Packers QB has all day long to throw, completes play for first down.

Green Bay Packers QB decides to run for it, slides and scores another touchdown for the Packers!

Scores a 7 yard touchdown. Green Bay Packers now up by 35-14.

Falcons receive ball. 15 yard return.

Falcons drop easy pass.

Announcer: Falcons not a big play offense.

Falcons throw huge pass, but receiver gets clobbered. Packers on the sidelines all call it out.

Green Bay challenges the call on the field.

Referee: incomplete pass, ruling on field reversed!

Falcons punt short, only 21 yards.

Packers complete short pass.

Packers complete short run.

Packers shakes blitz, scrambles, completes 8 yard throw.

Annoucer: Falcons need to make a stop.

Green Bay throws long pass for another first down.

Announcer: This is a clinic!

Packers complete run.

Packers QB scrambles, completes throw, receiver runs for touchdown! 42-14

Announcer: What happened to Falcons? 35 unanswered points!

Falcons complete pass, gains first down.

Falcons complete pass, Tony Gonzalez makes difficult catch but may be injured. He is injured in the leg it appears, but walks off field on his own, in pain.

Falcons make difficult jumping catch.

Falcons throw, made another first down.

Falcons make 19 yard bullet throw in tight space between Packers defender.

Falcons make another bullet pass, 8 yards, to receiver running slant route.

Falcons QB has all day to throw, throws to receive who dives between two Packers for touchdown! 42-21.

Falcons do onside kick. Falcons Brian Finnegan does mid-air catch. Falcons seem to recover! But flag thrown, and Packers take possession.

Packers make wild throw, incomplete.

Packers run, short of first down.

Packers try 50+ yard field goal, but ball hits post with a loud thud and bounces out. It's a miss. Kicker smiles anyway.

Falcons QB gets sacked. Fourth Packers sack of Falcons this game.

Falcons QB throws under pressure. Penalty flag thrown.

Packers holding, automatic first down for Falcons.

Falcons complete another pass. One yard short of first down.

Falcons fumble football on hike. QB nearly in tears. Referee calls it Packers ball.

Packers throw for first down.

Announcer: Falcons gave it away for the third time tonight!

Packers lose yards. 2nd and 13.

Packers gain 6 yards. 3rd and 7.

Packers receiver evades tackle. Runs for first down. 9 minutes left in fourth quarter.

Packers run, goes nowhere.

Packers QB sacked for loss.

Packers kick 43-yard field goal and scores! 45-21.

Falcons kickoff. Receiver brought down near 20 yard line.

Falcons make wild, long throw. Nearly picked off.

Falcons incomplete.

#37 Packers, Shields, appears to be hurt on the play.

Falcons incomplete, 3rd and 5.

Fans in stadium booing loudly against Falcons.

Falcons throw completion.

Falcons receiver makes catch, hit by Packers players, loses ball! Fumbles again! Packers ball!

Packers runner charges down the middle, picks up first down.

Green Bay runner takes huge hit! Crowd winces.

24 point lead for Packers, only 2:40 minutes left in the game.

2:00 minute warning. 45-21, Packers.

Packers score 32 yard field goal. 48-21.

Falcons receive kickoff.

Announcers are thanking producers. Packers players are already celebrating.

Falcons QB gets sacked again.

Announcer: 48 points a franchise playoffs record for Packers!

Announcer: Packers confidence will be high for the next game.

Announcer: Packers never punted this game.

Game ends at 48-21, a 27 point win for the Green Bay Packers.

Announcer: No major injuries for Packers as far as he's aware of for the next round of playoffs.

Packers will be going to the NFC championship game!