Jane the virgin marriage
"Jane the Virgin" Season 1 will keep Jane (Gina Rodriguez) a virgin until marriage. So who do fans want to see her marry? CW

“Jane the Virgin” is facing an obstacle that most other CW shows don’t have: The main character is a virgin. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) got pregnant (she was mistakenly artificially inseminated) and had two sexy guys vying for her affections within the first half of Season 1, so it would be understandable if she decided it was time to lose her V-card. However, it seems the religious Latina is sticking to her commitment: She’ll stay a virgin until after she gets married, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“The plan right now is for Jane to have sex when she gets married,” creator Jennie Snyder Urman said at CBS Television Studios’ Studio Day. “That’s the plan. That’s important to her. That’s not something that we’re going to throw away.”

Jane’s beliefs are an important aspect of the show, so it's no surprise she'd want to wait until marriage. The question now becomes: Who will she marry?

The season started off with Jane planning her wedding to Michael (Brett Dier). After their breakup, her shot at losing her virginity went on the back burner. Now, she is with Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who also happens to be the father of the child she is carrying. They’re having a baby and bringing their vastly different worlds together, so he seems like the most likely choice, but their different backgrounds might push them apart.

Should Jane marry one of the men, save marriage for someone else, or just stop waiting? Take the poll below:

Luckily, Urman has already thought of a new title treatment for when Jane does finally lose her virginity,. “We have a very interactive style of typing on-screen and stuff like that, so I think we'll just put a line through ‘virgin’ in the title,” Urman told the Hollywood Reporter. “It goes with our style of changing the typing as we go, so that would be the new title.”

“Jane the Virgin” Season 1 returns to the CW on Monday, Jan. 19, at 9 p.m. EST.