• Lin pledges $1 million to help fight COVID-19
  • Lin aware of discrimination against American-Asians
  • Lin awaits fate of CBA

Jeremy Lin knows how it feels when verbal assaults are made on Chinese or Asians. That has unsurprisingly gone up a notch now with the coronavirus creating worldwide panic. Aware that the virus traces its origins on China, Asian-Americans have been the unfortunate recipient of bashing. This is something that is nothing new to Linsanity.

Despite the badgering, Lin announced via The Player's Tribune that he will be donating $500,000 and would match donations of up to another additional $500,000. That sums up to $1 million meant to help out on coronavirus relief efforts that are needed to help out people afflicted with the dreaded disease.

"One simple way to be the light is to support organizations doing crucial work during the crisis," Lin said.

Considering the plight of Lin the past months, one that included an NBA snub, the sudden pledge to help out may come a bit of a surprise. But then again, it could be a move to prove to detractors that despite their belief, there are still some American-Asians willing to extend a helping hand in times of need.

"You know, my whole life, I’ve been treated a certain way because I’m Asian," Lin said. "During the height of 'Linsanity,' I was still the butt of many Asian jokes ... It was just words."

"But over the last few weeks, as the tension and anxiety in the U.S. have gone through the roof, we’re seeing that there’s real darkness beneath the words. It's not just trash-talking or trolling or hateful speech," he added.

Lin has been known to help out others when he can. The pledge is a sizeable one and will come in pretty handy as researchers and scientists continue their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for Lin, he is among many international players waiting for the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) to resume. The league was originally set to start on Apr. 15 but the Chinese government intervened. A temporary restart is set in May although even that holds no certainty. It all depends on how the COVID-19 situation pans out.

Like most league planning to restart, games are likely to be held in closed doors. But with a certain number of people allowed in an area, sports that require a lot of people on the court or playing field at the same time could yet be another reason for delay. The CBA has not mentioned anything yet about possibly scrapping the remaining games of the season.

Jeremy Lin of the Beijing Ducks
BEIJING, CHINA - DECEMBER 25: Jeremy Lin #7 of Beijing Ducks in action during 2019/2020 CBA League - Beijing Ducks v Xinjiang Yilite at Beijing Wukesong Sport Arena on December 25, 2019 in Beijing, China. Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images