Jerome Simpson's front-flip touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday might be the NFL play of the year.

The Cincinnati Bengals receiver took a short pass from rookie quarterback Andy Dalton on a crossing route, ran along the left sideline and literally flipped over Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington with 2:46 left in the first half.

We've seem plenty of jumps, hurdles and flips, but Simpson didn't just flip and fall on his back or his side. He somehow stylishly landed on his feet two yards into the end zone after initiating his acrobatic move two-and-half yards out of the end zone.

Announcer Thom Brenneman was in awe just as much as fans were.

It's one thing to flip over a guy, said Brenneman. It's another thing to land on your feet!

Hard to believe even a Marshawn Lynch beast mode touchdown run can be more memorable than this play.

Check out the flip below: