Vince Reffet, a French stuntman known for flying a jetpack, died Tuesday during a training session in Dubai. Reffet was 36 years old.

Jetman Dubai, the company for which Reffet flew, announced that he passed away Tuesday morning.

“Vince was a talented athlete, and a much-loved and respected member of our team. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those who knew and worked with him,” Jetman Dubai said in a statement.

“We are working closely with all relevant authorities and ask that you please keep Vince’s family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Reffet went viral for the stunts he performed as a jetpack pilot. In February, he became the first person ever to transition to a high altitude flight from the ground with a jetpack. Before then, jetpack pilots began their flights from an elevated platform.

Reffet was moving at more than 150 miles per hour through the air with a jetpack during his historic flight, reaching an altitude of almost 6,000 feet above sea level.

The jetpack used by Reffett can reach speeds approaching 250 mph with a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet.

“It’s the sensation of freedom. Already, you know, when I am skydiving, I have like this feeling of freedom like I can pretty much go where I want, but always going down,” Reffet told Associated Press in 2015. “[But] with this machine I can fly like a bird.”

Reffet’s feats also included BASE jumping, which in 2014 he did from Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Vince Reffet
French wingsuit jumper Vince Reffet, member of the 'Soul Flyers', poses during a photo session in Paris on September 22, 2020. JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images