Jersey Shore star Jwoww is putting her knowledge of tanning to good use with a new swimsuit line called Perfect Tan Bikinis.

Jwoww showed off some of the sexy styles in a sizzling beach photoshoot. Some of the styles include animal print, heart patterns and lace. Jwoww hit the sand to show off the collection in a series of steamy shots. She tweeted her excitement to fans (@jenniwoww): I am so excited to announce the launch of my new bikini line, JWOWW by #PerfectTanBikini. You are gonna love it!

These bikinis are more than just fashionable swimwear; they are technologically advanced too. Perfect Tan Bikinis use a unique fabric and silicone adhesive that allows sun bathers to let down their straps without having to worry about anything falling off. The Inside of our bikini top is lined with Stick2U, our patented silicon based adhesive. Stick2U is activated by your body temperature so the warmer you get in the sun the more it stays in place. Have no fear, the top will stay securely in place. Our motto is, Stays on and Stays Put! reads the official Web site.

I wanted my line to be stylish and functional, so getting the perfect tan could be hassle-free. Now you can be sexy and tan-line-free at the same time, Jwoww, aka Jenny Farley, has said of her designs. The suits can be washed up to 20 times and the silcone adhesive will still take.

The Jersey Shore diva talks openly about her breast implants and is happy with her body, but recently dropped 15 pounds by training with her bodybuilder boyfriend, Roger Matthews.

The 25-year-old exercises five days a week with her beau I work out twice a day, and we do 30 minutes of cardio and the free weights, Farley told Us Weekly in August. She also claims to take the supplement, Thermogenic Push, to help with the weight loss. It gives me the energy I need to be able to do the intense workouts, she said. Jwoww is also the spokesperson for Ab Cut.

Take a look at some of Jwoww's sexy new beach wear. The swimsuits will be available for purchase in February 2012.