• Larry Johnson shares his unforgettable first encounter with Michael Jordan 
  • Johnson says Jordan used her mother's name to intimidate him
  • The then-Bulls star once insulted another 90s NBA star

A former New York Knicks star has opened up about Michael Jordan’s insane trash-talking skills.

Over the course of his illustrious NBA career, Jordan has gotten to his opponents’ heads several times.

However, many were not aware of it at the time as Jordan often talked smack during games or behind the cameras.

Knicks legend Larry Johnson is one of the 90s NBA stars to recently reveal another shocking Jordan story.

According to Johnson, he was still with the Charlotte Hornets when he first played Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Moments before the game, Johnson said “His Airness” asked about his mom, mentioning her real name “Dorothy.”

Bothered by how Jordan knew about his family, the two-time NBA All-Star failed to deliver the entire game.

“The first time I met him [Jordan], we walked out on the court docket, and he walks straight as much as me and goes, ‘How’s Dorothy?’,” Johnson said on The Players' Tribune's "Knuckleheads Podcast.”

“He said, ‘How’s Dorothy? I couldn’t play the whole game,” he added. “He walked up to me and asked me how my mom was. Used her name. He done went in the program and saw my mom’s name was Dorothy. Went in the program, used my mom’s name. I think I scored eight points. I was averaging 24.”

 Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (right) in action forward Brian Williams of the Detroit Pistons
Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (right) in action forward Brian Williams of the Detroit Pistons Getty Images | Jonathan Daniel

Johnson’s story wasn’t the only moment the six-time NBA champ seemed to have gone beyond trash talking.

It can be recalled that Jordan once told reporters that battling Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller was like “chicken-fighting with a woman.”

Rumors swirled that the said comment scarred Jordan and Miller’s relationship, and the pair is still not on good terms even to this day.

Seemingly backing the long-standing rift between him and Jordan, Miller bared that he didn’t want to take part in ESPN’s “The Last Dance.” However, NBA top brass told required him to do so.

“For those of us who actually lived it and played against him, trying to compete with him, didn’t need to watch the doc to know. It brings back a lot of good and bad memories of going against that dude,” Miller said of Jordan in an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show ” last year.

“I tried to fight it. I didn’t want to do it (The Last Dance). I had everybody from the league office saying you need to be a part of this.”