The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery marks one of the biggest nights in the history of the New York Knicks. The team could either get the chance to select a player that will change their franchise forever, or they will learn that finishing with the league’s worst record last season was all for naught.

By losing an NBA-high 65 games, the Knicks have put themselves in as good of a position as anyone to get the No.1 overall pick in the June 20 draft. New York would unquestionably draft Zion Williamson with the top pick in the first round, considering the Duke star might be the most-hyped prospect since LeBron James.

The Knicks, however, might have completely bottomed out a season too late. While the NBA’s worst team had a 25 percent chance to win the lottery last year, New York’s odds of getting the No.1 pick are just 14 percent. That puts them in a tie with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns.

Williamson could be the one transcendent player in the draft, though he isn’t the only possible All-Star. Murray State point guard Ja Morant is expected to do big things in the NBA and is almost certain to be taken second overall. The Knicks have a 13.4 percent chance to get the No.2 pick.

The Knicks have a 12.7 percent chance to land the No.3 pick. Duke’s RJ Barrett would likely be the selection in that spot. There are differing opinions on Barrett, whom some believe will eventually become a star in the NBA. Barrett was actually ranked as a better prospect than Williamson before the start of the 2018-2019 college basketball season.

If the Knicks don’t get a top-three pick, it would be fair to call the lottery a disaster for New York. That’s a scary proposition for the franchise, considering the Knicks have a better chance of getting the No.4 or No.5 pick than they do of finding themselves in the top three.

New York has an 11.9 percent chance to get the fourth overall selection. The Knicks have a 47.9 percent chance of falling to No.5. Their odds of getting a top-three pick are just 40.2 percent.

The fifth pick is the worst possible selection the Knicks can get in the first round.

The Knicks haven’t had a top-five pick since 2015 when they drafted Kristaps Porzingis fourth overall. New York traded Porzingis in January, hoping to sign two max free agents this summer.

The lottery could heavily influence New York’s chances of acquiring star free agents.

Rumors continue to swirl that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are eyeing the Knicks in free agency. If the Knicks are able to draft Williamson or Murray, who are considered to be easily the two best players in the draft, it might make New York even more of an attractive destination.

Landing a top two or three pick could also make the Knicks the frontrunners to trade for Anthony Davis. That might depend on how the New Orleans Pelicans view Barrett or other players that could be drafted within the first few selections.

The Knicks haven’t won the lottery since 1985 when they drafted Patrick Ewing.