gay rights activists
Anti-gay protesters attack gay rights activists during an LGBT community rally in central Moscow, Russia, May 30, 2015. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

The Kremlin does not know much about the bill proposing fines for homosexuals in Russia, said Spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Peskov told journalists Thursday that it would be hard for the Kremlin to comment on the proposed bill as it did not see the text yet. The proposed bill seeks to crack down pedophilia in a more effective manner.

"Everywhere where propaganda is used to spread same sex relationship, pedophilia inevitably goes hand in hand with homosexualism despite all attempts by homosexuals to conceal this fact," Russian News Agency TASS quoted an explanatory note by State Duma lawmakers Ivan Nikitchuk and Nikolay Arefyev, the authors of the bill.

The authors of the bill have apparently got inspired by the practices in the classical period in Greece. People, who concealed their homosexual orientation, were either exiled or executed, according to the explanation. “The laws of Ancient Sparta were even stricter – there were no reports, anyone who got caught was executed,” the bill said.

The proposed bill, if approved, will ban any public demonstration on “non-traditional” sexual orientation. It will treat “public expression of non-traditional sexual relations” as a violation, RT reported.

Nikitchuk calls pedophilia an “acute and urgent” problem as it affects the “moral upbringing of the younger generation.” “Unfortunately, the mechanism suggested in the 2013 law ‘On the protection of children against the information that harms their health and development’ has proved to be ineffective and this prompted us to develop new measures,” he said to local media.

While launching a strong campaign against pedophilia, the lawmakers want to penalize homosexuals up to 5,000 rubles ($80). People, who get involved in “gay demonstrations” in cultural and educational establishments, municipal authorities and offices of state, will face up to 15 days of arrest.