Kyrie Irving will be a free agent this summer and will be joined by a group of A-list stars like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, and Klay Thompson, who will be free to join any franchise of the league.

The Boston Celtics guard has committed to re-sign with his current employers this summer, but everyone knows a verbal commitment can change depending on the situation. Meanwhile, the other free agents have all been linked with multiple franchises.

Durant and Leonard have been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers and the New York Knicks in recent weeks, while Thompson has also been linked with the Lakers, but has continually stated his desire to remain with the Golden State Warriors for the foreseeable future.

There is going to be a considerable amount of speculation about the free agent’s futures in the offseason, and it is certain that Lakers are going to be major players after clearing out about $38.2 million worth cap space.

But the question remains about Irving, the point guard, who requested for a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers to get away from playing under the shadow of LeBron James. It came as a surprise especially since they had just won an NBA championship together the year before.

However, their relationship has always seemed cordial and Irving’s recent admission that he called James to apologize for being a selfish player during his days with the Cavaliers and not realizing what it took to lead a team and see the bigger picture, has seen speculation become rife about a potential reunion.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James
Kyrie Irving (R) and LeBron James (L) were teammates with the Cavaliers, but now play for the Celtics and Lakers respectively. Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics is guarded by Lebron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the first quarter of a game at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on February 11, 2018. Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Could Irving leave the Celtics and join their biggest rivals and reunite with LeBron? The question was put to the duo’s former teammates at Cleveland. And it was a mixed bag of answers with two players not ruling out the possibility while one was certain that it will not happen.

“Anything is possible," Tristan Thompson told "One day he could wake up and think about it. Just the possibility for y'all to think about it. There's a method to the madness."

“God no. No way," ex-teammate Channing Frye said. "I think Kyrie is that guy that deserves his own team, that has the ability to take that team to a championship and I think in Kyrie's mind he knows that and the rest of the league knows that. He's reached that elite-level status and I think people want to play with him. He's not second fiddle. He's not Robin. He's Nightwing."

Meanwhile, Kevin Love, who spent three years with Irving at Cleveland and was present with James when the Celtics guard called to apologize recently, believes the decision to stay or leave Boston could change on the “drop of a dime”, but we will only find out in July when he officially becomes an unrestricted free agent.

"The funny thing about Kyrie is it’s like just when you think you know what he's thinking then he will completely flip," Love told "I think he likes to keep people guessing. I think that's going to be the big question this off-season.”

I know he said he was coming back to Boston and he very well could, but I think the only person that knows what Kyrie is going to do is Kyrie. I don't know if he's made up his mind yet,” he added. "He could change on the drop of a dime because something will come up or the mood he was in or I don't know."

Another source told the publication that it is unlikely to happen, but made it clear that it is not because the two players have a bad relationship, but because Irving wants to win a championship leading a team of his own – something he is getting to do currently at Boston.