• La Liga has been suspended since March due to the coronavirus
  • The games are looking to resume headlined by a Sevilla - Real Betis matchup
  • President Javier Tebas emphasized that everyone must take social distancing protocols seriously 

The coronavirus has forced all major sporting events to a halt since the beginning of March. After months have passed since the suspension of sports, La Liga president Javier Tebas said that games are looking at a June return.

Per ESPN, clubs should be in a position to start their training camps and group sessions as early as June 1. This announcement comes after Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared that the sport should be as good to go by June 8.

With this development, La Liga is on track to resume the games as soon as possible provided everyone’s cooperation.

“It will be the weekend of June 12 for sure, or even Thursday, June 11," Tebas said.

"It isn't decided yet, we have to hold the relevant meetings with the federation and the National Sports Council to discuss some outstanding issues. We have to see what happens with the phases so that full training with all players can take place as soon as possible. We have to be cautious. We'll look at that first, and we're working with broadcasters, too."

In line with this, a Sevilla and Real Betis matchup could headline the league’s return to action.

"We could have the first game on Thursday [the] 11th in Seville. We'd like it to be the Seville Derby," Tebas said.

“If not, it would be June 12 or 13. But on June 11 at 10 p.m., that's the idea. Once we've officially announced the first game, we'll announce the first four matchdays. That should come early next week," Tebas added.

While the news comes as a big step into returning back to normal, Tebas emphasized that it will take protocol seriously. The coronavirus has taken hundreds and thousands of lives and everyone’s health and safety are always the priority.

In addition to this, league authorities would want to make sure that players take social distancing guidelines seriously. This comes after several Seville players were seen congregating at a party. While the involved players have already apologized, La Liga would like to emphasize that there is no room in putting others at risk as evident in a letter sent to Sevilla regarding the issue.

"In the last few hours we have seen that some players have broken health rules," the letter said.

“These attitudes are totally incomprehensible and inadmissible, as they put at risk the completion of the competition. Any sign of relaxation is a lack of respect towards La Liga and other clubs, players and coaches."

While the games are set for a big comeback, expect the league to take serious precautions to the severity of the situation brought about the coronavirus.

'Game for all of Spain': Javier Tebas
'Game for all of Spain': Javier Tebas AFP / Josep LAGO