If the latest betting odds mean anything, it would be surprising to see LeBron James land anywhere but L.A. this offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers are the overwhelming favorites to acquire the NBA’s best player.

Unlike some of James’ potential destinations, the Lakers have plenty of cap space to offer James a max contract. They have better than 1/3 odds to sign James, who has yet to give any indication regarding his future plans.

The Cavs are the clear second favorite with slightly worse than 3/1 odds to keep James. Cleveland was once considered to be close to on par with Los Angeles in terms of their chances of signing James, but the 2018 NBA Finals didn’t help the Cavs’ cause. James got little help when the team was swept by the Golden State Warriors, and his 51 points in the series opener weren’t even enough to give Cleveland a win.

Cleveland’s hopes of keeping James might rest on their ability to improve their roster. That’s going to be difficult, considering they have no cap space and few valuable assets to trade.

The Lakers don’t have anyone as good as Kevin Love on their roster, but that could quickly change. They’ve got a good chance to sign Paul George in free agency. Kawhi Leonard’s desire to be dealt to the Lakers could ultimately help get him to Los Angeles this offseason.

It’s been theorized that James could join one of a number of teams. Maybe he’ll force a trade to the Houston Rockets (+750), who were one win shy of beating Golden State in the playoffs. The Philadelphia 76ers (+1000) seem like a possibility because of last season’s success with two young stars and their ability to offer James a max contract in free agency.

The odds weren’t very helpful in determining James’ destination when he entered free agency twice before. Cleveland was favored to keep James when he took his talents to South Beach in 2010. The Miami Heat were expected to re-sign James in 2014 when he returned to Cleveland.

James’ decision this time around could ultimately come down to Los Angeles and Cleveland. He owns homes in both cities. Neither one currently has a very attractive roster, but there is no perfect basketball situation available to the league’s No.1 superstar.

Teams are allowed to start speaking with free agents on July 1.