• Phil Jackson is reportedly providing insights into the Lakers’ woes this season
  • Jackson's inputs may not be enough to help the Lakers turn their season around
  • Some personalities could no longer be around next NBA season

Phil Jackson carved his name in the NBA annals but has since been quiet behind the scenes.

But it appears that the 1996 NBA Coach of the Year has been in contact with the organization, likely an offshoot of the misfiring Lakers this season.

The report comes from The Athletic, alleging that the Lakers team owner Jeanie Buss and Kurt Rambis have been talking about the team, particularly about Russell Westbrook.

It is no secret that Westbrook has not fit into the Lakers’ system and Jackson’s inputs may include recommending that the 2017 NBA MVP be relegated to a bench role for the rest of the 2021-22 season.

Given that Jackson has delivered multiple titles to the Lakers, his inputs may matter.

However, adding another head to the decision-making body of the team may not necessarily be a good thing.

The 76-year-old may complicate the process of resolving the Lakers' problems, having too many voices to help in the decision-making process that the team has failed to cover.

The reality of it all is that Rob Pelinka is the Lakers general manager, while Frank Vogel is the head coach.

Inserting consultants would be detrimental in properly directing the franchise to the right track to success.

Aside from Jackson, there is always Earvin “Magic” Johnson who could render a piece or two ideas that may help.

But having too many people meddling may not help the Lakers in their drive to redeem what is left of the current season.

The scenario may be different by season’s end, entirely depending on how the Lakers finish. Heads could roll with Vogel at the top of the list.

Westbrook appears imminently headed out unless he comes up with a miracle to help the Lakers get out of their current bind.

Hence, the current season will depend on these two figures although Pelinka could be on the hot seat as well.

Jackson is well-respected and is a legend in his own right. But as far as meddling now is concerned, the Lakers may end up with more problems than answers if too many minds are inserted into the fray.

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A report suggests current Knicks president Phil Jackson could wind up back with the Los Angeles Lakers. Reuters