Future NBA prospect LaMelo Ball is predicted to land at no. 7 in 2020 NBA Draft.

Though bit far from what LaMelo hopes to get, league sources predict that the Lonzo’s younger brother is likely to be the 7th overall pick in next year’s NBA Draft.

LaMelo recently made a appearance on ESPN’s "The Jump" to discuss some of his future plans for his fledgling basketball career. In the episode, the 17-year-old future NBA prospect announced that he has decided to take his talents to Australia and also made a big statement about his hopes towards an NBA career.

The show highlighted LaMelo’s words via social media, tweeting: “I’m trying to be the no. 1 pick for the 2020 draft.” According to Ball, Australia has offered him the best way to become the NBA’s no. 1 pick.

But just days after the 2019 NBA Draft, sources have already made an early prediction of how the 2020 NBA Draft will look like. And based on a recent mock draft, LaMelo is six spots away from where he hopes to be.

According to The Bleacher Report, Ball is highly advanced offensively at six-foot-six. He can also create some space for great selection and has good handles. His playmaking skill has also been noted, and his physique is expected to continue to improve as the years go by.

Overall, Ball is viewed as an exceptionally skilled basketball player, but something off-court is plaguing LaMelo’s name ahead of his future NBA career. It is the fact that he belongs to the Ball family, and regardless of whether he makes it to the NBA or not, he will be involved in controversies surrounding them, courtesy of his father, LaVar, and brother, Lonzo. This is something that sources also foresee ahead of LaMelo’s career, and the level of his maturity is questionable at this point.

Slam Online uploaded the highlights of LaMelo’s most recent basketball game at Drew League and the young Ball did live up the hype. In the pre-game shoot around, LaMelo threw an impressive windmill to show off his leaping ability. During the actual game, LaMelo made a couple of shots including highlight reel alley-oops. Ball also gave a preview of his handles as he crossed a couple of guys on the way to the basket.

LaMelo will play for the NBL’s Illawarra Hawks and scouts will surely be looking forward to it.

LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball were offered an opportunity to play for Lithuania. Photo: Getty Images