LeBron James
Several Internet clues suggest that LeBron James will sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reuters

Will LeBron James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers? No one knows for sure because the NBA star has yet to announce his decision publicly.

However, some think his return to Ohio is definitely going to happen. Either way, many began poking fun at the spectacle the athlete created four years ago when he announced that he would leave the team that launched him to national stardom. Instead of staying with the Cavaliers, he decided to try to win a championship with the Miami Heat.

According to CBS Sports, King James, as some call him, and his agent, Rich Paul, met with Miami Heat President Pat Riley and Assistant General Manager Andy Elisburg Wednesday in Las Vegas. After an hour, James didn’t say he would sign with the Heat, but he also didn't say he would not.

League sources said James didn't have any scheduled meetings with any other teams. Another insider said James wants to think about all the information he’s been given.

But as ESPN noted, pride might be one of the things that's weighing most on James’ mind.

Cavaliers fans took the trade hard four years ago, and many Cleveland fans turned their backs on the star. James' actions were called "cowardly," "narcissistic" and "heartless” in a letter penned at the time by Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. As a result, rumors suggesting that he would play for the Cavs again seemed shocking to some.

Whether he goes to Cleveland or stays in Miami, one thing is for sure in the eyes of many Twitter users: He will take forever to decide.

Sports Nation started a Twitter hashtag asking its followers to play along in a game: #BeforeLebronDecides.

Here are some quick things people noted will happen before James makes a choice:

Leonardo DiCaprio will win an Oscar

‘Nsync will get back together

Ohio road construction will be finished

Bill Murray will agree to make Ghostbusters 3… and 4

Dave Chapelle will return to the Dave Chapelle Show

Carly Rae Jepson will get a call

Kanye West will let Taylor Swift finish

These jokes are funny, and the related memes making the rounds on Twitter make it funnier.

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