• Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the biggest names in football
  • Both Ronaldo and Messi have racked up multiple prestigious awards in their careers
  • Messi shared that he will pass the ball to Ronaldo if they end up as teammates 

Two of the current biggest names in football are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. While they’re often compared as rivals, Messi revealed what he would do if they somehow ended up as teammates.

Per Sports Bible, Messi shared that their heated competition against each other will not hinder the flow of the game if they ended up on the same team. When asked if he will pass the ball to his rival, he said he would.

"I guess so, in the end, yes," Messi told Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

The great debate between the two continues until this day as several arguments on both sides continue to pile up.

Listing the accomplishments of Messi and Ronaldo side by side is not enough to conclude how much influence the two have had on the global impact of football.

Throughout Messi’s professional career, he has tallied a total of six Ballon d’Or awards. The Argentinean has propelled himself as a global icon as he’s spent his entire career with Barcelona. Throughout his stint with the club he’s racked up several championships including 10 La Liga titles.

As impressive as this is, Ronaldo has also tallied multiple awards with five Ballon d’Or trophies. The Portuguese icon has served multiple clubs throughout his career and has hauled several awards as a professional. Success is a constant companion of Ronaldo as these accolades include five UEFA Champions League titles.

These two powerhouses in the sport may seem like an overwhelming force when on the same team. But given Messi’s cerebral approach to the game, he understands what to do and sees the strengths of Ronaldo.

"It's normal that he continues to score, he is a predatory striker, he loves to score, any day he plays he will score,” Messi said.

The FC Barcelona star recognizes the greatness of Ronaldo and doesn’t disregard what the Juventus forward is capable of.

"He has many good attributes as a forward and at the minimum he converts," Messi added.

These two will continue to be rivals in the long run and it will be interesting to see if ever this hypothetical situation will ever happen in the history of the sport.

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Sir Alex Ferguson chose Cristiano Ronaldo, left, over Lionel Messi, right, when discussing who's the better of the Ballon d'Or winners. Getty Images