Lisa Robin Kelly
Lisa Robin Kelly of 'That '70s Show' died in her sleep on Wednesday. Handout

Update: Kelly's agent told TMZ that last week the actress recently voluntarily checked herself into an alcohol abuse rehab program. "She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle," Kelly's agent told the publication.

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Lisa Robin Kelly, the beleaguered former star of “That 70’s Show,” died in her sleep on Wednesday. She was 43.

In the past few years, Kelly, best known for her role on the sitcom as Laurie Forman, had appeared in the headlines more for her recurring battles with drugs and for a series of domestic disputes with her husband, Robert Gilliam, than for her work. According to TMZ, in the past three years alone Kelly had been arrested at least four times for spousal abuse, assault or drunken driving.

In November, both Kelly and her 62-year-old husband were taken into custody in North Carolina after they allegedly got into a heated altercation that became violent. Eight months earlier, Kelly and her husband had gotten into another serious fight that resulted in the police arriving at their home.

Kelly was held in jail on $50,000 bail for corporal injury to her husband, but the charges against her were eventually dropped. She later denied that she had been violent to him, and claimed that he fabricated the entire story to discredit her and destroy her career. Kelly filed for divorce from Gilliam last month.

Kelly also denied rampant rumors that she had been under the influence of drugs at the time of her arrest, calling them "a bunch of made-up stuff.” In an appearance on the “Today” show, she addressed the rumors that she had been high at the time, responding “absolutely not.”

“There is nothing that I was on or abusing at that time." Kelly told the audience that she had been three months sober at the time.

In August 2010, Kelly pleaded guilty to a DUI after being pulled over in her car by police. She was sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation and ordered to pay a fine.