Sang Ho Kim, the Long Island man who is believed to have shot two people and killed one at Savenergy in Garden City, N.Y, on Wednesday, is still at large, Newsday reported Sunday. The 63-year-old fled the scene after opening fire on a business deal that apparently went bad and still is yet to be found. Authorities are now focusing the “frustrating” search in New York City.

Police have combed railroad stations, highways and rugged hiking trails, but efforts to find the supposed killer have not been to no avail. They poured over surveillance footage, cellphone signal tracking and even tools like infrared body heating, but nothing has helped to find Kim.

Two hours after the killing at the lighting company near the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, Kim apparently left an unsettling voicemail where he threatened to kill himself, a family member told Newsday. Authorities said he felt he was resentful over “a lot of money” he felt he was cheated out of by the small business.

Kim's Honda Pilot was found Wednesday night in Cold Spring, which has left authorities to believe he might have committed suicide. "He had to drive a long way. His face was everywhere. Logically, he should have been located, so it is frustrating that this is still unresolved," Newsday quoted an official who is involved in the manhunt.

"He may have committed suicide, or he may have kept running and gotten very lucky," the official anonymously said. According to the Long Island news site, a Nassau County Police official wouldn’t speak about the search on Saturday, but the day prior said authorities were refocusing their search efforts to NYC.

The victims’ names weren’t released on Wednesday, but have since been identified. Zachariah Yong Jae Shin, 25, from Queens, was killed, and John Hyung Choi of Woodmere, who is the owner of Savenergy, remains in critical condition at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.