Back in October, a Charleston, South Carolina man demonstrated the worst case scenario that can come from open, exposed produce at a grocery store by spraying fresh food with feces, the Post and Courier reported. Pau S. Hang, 41, was referred to at the time as a “disgruntled former contractor” who was arrested for allegedly attempting to contaminate consumer goods. In a new development, Hang was indicted by a federal grand jury and will face federal charges for the deed, The State reported.

On Oct. 15, Hang allegedly walked into a Charleston Harris Teeter grocery store and approached the produce section with a spray bottle full of unidentified brown liquid. He was then arrested for spraying the brown liquid at exposed produce, all of which was thrown out before the entire produce section closed and was sanitized. Hang was identified by Harris Teeter as a former contractor with a bone to pick with the company. He is listed as homeless, according to the Post and Courier.

At the time, authorities were not certain what exactly Hang sprayed on the produce, but the brown coloration was a dead giveaway. A few days later, it was confirmed to be feces, though the report did not clarify the fecal matter’s origin. Hang was actually on trespass notice from Harris Teeter, so his presence at the store was cause for alarm before he started spraying waste on fresh food. He felt the company owed him money and had been arrested seven times for trespassing.

Hang was indicted by a federal grand jury on Dec. 13 and will be indicted Wednesday. If convicted of all the charges, he could face up to 13 years in prison.