Police in Sydney are trying to locate a motorist who on Tuesday brandished a chainsaw on a busy roadway during an altercation with another driver.  Video of the altercation was captured on a cellphone and has been viewed more than 300,000 times, with over 2,000 comments as of Wednesday.

In the footage, a shirtless man can be seen vehemently marching back and forth with a chainsaw in his possession while several people watch.

"I’ve never seen that. I’ve only seen this in movies," witness John Melal told Sydney news outlet 9NEWS.

The attacker can be heard making threats toward the person recording him. "Brother, put your f---ing phone down. Ugh, stop recording man," the belligerent driver said.

That’s when the footage stops.

However, a second perspective, captured via dash cam was posted on Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page. That video featured what seemed to be the beginning of the dispute.

The footage showed a white truck in the middle of the road blocking traffic after it emerged from a side street and attempted to cross two lanes during a right turn. Then, a black vehicle stopped to allow the white Jeep through.

The man is then seen jumping out of the dark colored car and running toward the white Jeep. He begins punching the victim through the Jeep’s window.

The man then opens the door, exits the Jeep and retaliates. At this point, all surrounding traffic has come to a complete stop as the two men exchange blows.

Because of this, one bystander almost gets run over by a car as he joins the fracas. The fight is then broken up by the man as he intervened, tackling the attacker to the ground.

"After that, they let him loose and he walked back to his car. We thought everything was done," Melal said.

The squabble seemed to have come to an end until the attacker headed back to his car and grabbed a chainsaw. But by then, the other driver had driven off. According to the news outlet, the incident was being investigated by the New South Wales Police Force.