• Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer discussed his team's win over Everton
  • Solskjaer thought United would suffer its third loss in one week heading into the game
  • The Norwegian manager praised Bruno Fernandes' performance

Manchester United is back to its winning ways after beating Everton, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinks they are bound to lose and pinpointed one player who should have done better.

The Red Devils thumped Everton 3-1 in a dramatic win at Goodison Park on Saturday. Solskjaer’s side is coming off back-to-back losses against Arsenal and Istanbul Basaksehir, leading the Norwegian manager to believe that his exhausted squad was all set for another devastating defeat heading into the game.

"We were set up to fail,” Solskjaer told BT Sport after the game. “The kick-off time set us up to fail. We have been to Turkey, played loads of games this season already, we got back Thursday morning and we are playing Saturday lunchtime, it's an absolute shambles.”

"These boys deserve better,” he continued. “Luke Shaw has got injured because of it. It's a hamstring which might be a long one and Marcus Rashford might be struggling.”

The Premier League will take an “international break” from Nov. 9 to 21. However, after playing three matches in a week, Solskjaer thinks that it doesn’t make sense at all.

"The authorities set us up for fail, who is responsible? We've had enough of that,” the manager said. “Players this season, in these times, a pandemic, mentally and physically it's draining. Let us play on a Sunday, there's an international break after this, it's a joke."

Despite coming in worn out and weary, United managed to fight back and went 2-1 up heading toward halftime after a sensational brace from Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder also completed a late assist to Edinson Cavani to close the game out.

Based on Solskjaer’s assessment, Fernandes did a terrific job, but there were some possessions wasted because he was just not there.

“Great performance, leading the boys,” he told MUTV of Fernandes’ performance. “With his desire and determination he is everywhere on the pitch, sometimes that frustrates me. Because sometimes there are passes being played to where he should have been and he is not there.”

“But when you’ve got someone who drives them on like this of course you are very happy,” he concluded.

Fernandes has been rumored to be unhappy with Solskjaer’s management style. Arsenal legend and BBC Sport pundit Ian Wright even suggested that “ambitious” United players like Fernandes would soon become the cause of Solskjaer’s downfall.

“What you’ll find is, especially the ambitious players – the ones who want to get to where Man United are supposed to be,” Wright said. “The players will start saying things because they want a manager who’s going to push them. (like) Bruno Fernandes, you’re hearing little snippets that he’s not happy for some reason.”

“You watch how he’s playing and his body language in some of the games, you’re thinking, ‘what are the training sessions like? Is he getting what he needs to get out of it?’” the former Gunner said of Fernandes. “It’s not happening and that’s got to come from the coaching and the manager.”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says the club won't hold a Middle East training camp
Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says the club won't hold a Middle East training camp AFP / Paul ELLIS