• Manchester United is continuously searching for ways to improve their roster
  • The Red Devils signed star scorer Bruno Fernandes earlier this year
  • Reports have indicated that Manchester United is interested in Chelsea's veteran midfielder William Borges da Silva. 

Making adjustments in one’s roster is one of the biggest tasks of a historic club like Manchester United. With this, the Red Devils are reportedly seeking the services of Chelsea’s veteran William Borges da Silva.

Despite the unique situation of a global pandemic, finding ways to constantly improve continues to be a priority for the sport’s biggest teams. Despite having stellar talent such as Paul Pogba, Manchester United would still need to stock up on experienced players who could lead the charge.

Notable signings of the team for the past few months include the star midfielder, Bruno Fernandes. The inclusion of the Portuguese scorer provides a promising future ahead for Manchester United. Having the caliber of Fernandes adds depth to the team with a reliable young player.

While having a new star is a big step, per Red Devil Armada, Manchester United is still looking forward to signing on signing William and has been in contact with his representatives. While the current strategy of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is inclined to building for the future, an experienced player like William will go a long way.

The club will anchor on the likes of Fernandes in the years to come but it’s just as crucial to have veteran stars like William onboard. The career of William has been decorated with titles and victories and will provide the necessary energy to the team.

The five-time Ukrainian champion has been a staple force in Chelsea that a transfer to Manchester United would serve as an incredible boost to the club.

In 329 appearances with Chelsea, William was able to score on 59 separate occasions accompanied by 59 assists. During his days with Shakhtar Donetsk, he had 221 appearances, 37 goals and 63 assists. The manner that he can move on the pitch and find opportunities for his teammates to score is an asset for any team to have.

It will be interesting to see how young stars like Fernandes can coexist with a player like William if ever the negotiations pull through. Teams are now regaining the momentum they lost prior to the suspension and it’s pivotal that each club’s rosters are as cohesive as possible.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes his Manchester United side to Club Brugge in their Europa League last 32  first leg this week
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes his Manchester United side to Club Brugge in their Europa League last 32 first leg this week AFP / Glyn KIRK