• Manny Pacquiao says he is open to facing Jake Paul in the ring
  • Pacquiao has no problem taking on YouTubers for entertainment purposes
  • Paul has yet to earmark the “Pac-Man” as his next target opponent

For the fans, Manny Pacquiao will be down to take on Jake Paul.

Pacquiao has been busy training for his upcoming welterweight showdown against the unbeaten American champ Errol Spence Jr. However, the Filipino boxer still managed to find time to talk about other things as well.

In an exclusive interview with Supercar Blondie at his home in Los Angeles, Pacquiao was quizzed to reveal his honest take on a potential fight against YouTube sensation Paul.

To everybody’s surprise, Pacquiao bared that “it’s possible” and like the usual, it only depends on how the “negotiations” will go down.

“It depends,” the world’s only eight-division titlist said. “Not [about] the money. It’s about how we fix the negotiations of the venue and the day. It’s possible.”

When asked about his views on the seemingly growing number of YouTubers and internet stars calling out professional boxers following the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul match, Pacquiao said that even he is open to the idea but only for entertainment.

“I mean, it’s just [having] fun,” he pointed out. “Why not? [if it’s] to entertain people, but nothing changes.”

Jake Paul celebrates with his brother, Logan, after defeating AnEsonGib Jake Paul celebrates with his brother, Logan, after defeating AnEsonGib Photo: Getty Images | Michael Reaves

Paul is slated for a boxing match against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley on August 29.

Fueled by the success of his older brother, Logan’s exhibition match against Mayweather last month, Jake also plans to take on a few world-class fighters after Woodley.

However, Pacquiao isn’t on his radar at the moment.

"I'm sort of thinking about it one fight at a time," Jake told "Anything is possible after my brother [Logan] fought Floyd Mayweather. I could fight anybody after this [Woodley]. I think there's a 90 percent chance of [the Conor McGregor fight] happening. That's the biggest fight that Conor can do. It'd be the biggest payday for him."

"I'm very confident [about the Canelo Alvarez fight]. Canelo hasn't fought someone who has really challenged him in the last couple of fights. They've all been easy guys who just sort of fall on their a--.”

"I just need to continue on the path that I'm on now: Getting experience under my belt, fighting tougher and tougher people as my career goes on, continuing to stay in the gym every single day, and continuing to be the pay-per-view star that I am and selling tens of millions of dollars in pay-per-views. At the end of the day, this is a business. If Canelo sees that, he's going to want to get in on the business."