Marco Rubio
A backlash erupted against New York Times' articles about Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's personal finances and driving record. Getty Images

Marco Rubio has raised $100,000 in the past five days after the New York Times published critical articles about his finances and driving record. Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign attributed the online fundraising to backlash against articles that disclosed the Florida Republican senator’s financial struggles from student debt and mortgages, as well as four traffic tickets Rubio had received in seventeen years, Politico reported.

Rubio’s campaign created an online petition against the “elitist liberal media” for “their attacks on strong conservatives like Marco,” the senator’s website said. Michael Barbaro, a co-author of the New York Times article on Rubio’s personal finances, tweeted about the petition Tuesday saying, “no wonder his staff kept asking when our story would run.”