casebolt mckinney arrest
Police Officer Eric Casebolt (right), with gun drawn, attempted to arrest a teenage girl who attended a pool party at the Craig North Community Pool in McKinney, Texas, June 5, 2015. On Monday, the local district attorney requested the Texas Rangers arm of state law enforcement conduct an independent investigation into the incident. YouTube

Adrian Martin appears to be taking the high road after his arrest last weekend during the police response to a pool party in McKinney, Texas. Charges against Martin, 18, have been dropped and he does not plan to file a lawsuit against the McKinney Police Department. He will instead work with police to teach youths how to respond to officers during an encounter with law enforcement.

On Tuesday, Martin said he was among those trying to intervene when McKinney police Cpl. Eric Casebolt shoved, cursed and manhandled black teenagers attending a celebration at the Craig North Community Pool, according to an interview with MSNBC. Martin said he tried to calm a teenage girl who is seen on video being slammed to the ground and held down by Casebolt.

When a friend bumped into him, it gave Casebolt the impression that Martin was lunging at the officer, who took out his gun and chased Martin. "When [I] got bumped towards [Casebolt], I backed up quite a bit," Martin said in the interview. "After I back up, [the officer] stands up and looks at me and pulls his pistol out. So that's what kind of made me run away."

Casebolt and other officers chased several teens who ran when Casebolt barked orders at them. Police had been called to the party after fights broke out between the teens -- some of whom had guest passes to swim at the pool -- and white patrons who felt put out of their neighborhood facility.

Casebolt resigned Tuesday amid an investigation into his conduct. A video of the incident went viral Sunday, sparking a large protest in McKinney the following day. Martin’s attorney, Heath Harris, said the officers who assisted Casebolt in arresting his client actually did their jobs right.

"This could have been yet another tragedy involving a young black male and we're just thankful that those other officers were out there," Harris said in the MSNBC interview. It was unclear Wednesday if authorities in McKinney were considering charges against Casebolt.