• Mike Tyson revealed his favorite UFC fighter in a rare interview
  • Tyson said UFC fighters don't duck each other unlike in boxing
  • Tyson established a great relationship with UFC and its fighters after his boxing career

Mike Tyson named his favorite UFC fighter and explained the difference between boxing and MMA in a rare interview.

Boxing and MMA are two different sports. For decades, boxing has been the only mainstream, money-generating combat sports and it was just until mid 2000’s when MMA got a piece of the limelight through its biggest promotion - the UFC.

Now that both MMA is already widely recognized, some of the biggest names in boxing, especially from the past eras, have shared their thoughts about the said sport. Former heavyweight champ “Iron Mike” has developed a certain love for the sport, particularly UFC, shortly after his official retirement from boxing. And in a rare interview with Fight News Now, the legendary boxer pointed out some interesting differences between MMA and boxing that he has witnessed.

According to Tyson, what makes UFC (MMA) more entertaining than boxing was the fact that nobody ducks nobody and a fighter doesn’t need to be the best at all times.

“This is what’s different in boxing than UFC. The best fights the best. You don’t see guys ducking anyone. If Dana White see this is going to be an exciting fight, the two best fight the best. You didn’t have to be the best but when you said you’re better than me, you gotta fight. That’s how it should be in boxing but it’s not,” Tyson pointed out.

“Maybe it was just good entertainment or maybe it’s just what my mentality (is),” Tyson added.

When asked about who his favorite is, Tyson was quick to answer Jon Jones.

“Jon Jones. He’s the best! ‘Bones’ Jones! He’s just the best fighter. His discipline, his concentration, his desire to win, he’s just at the top of his game. It’s just his day right now. It’s all about him as far as fighting. He’s just the man that I want,” Tyson said.

Mike Tyson
Outside of the big four, former boxing great Mike Tyson was pulled over for a DUI in 2006 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Apparently that is the spot to get pulled over if you’re a famous former athlete. Reuters

After his boxing career, Tyson has been involved with UFC. Many believe that he would do well inside the cage but the legend was never motivated enough by all the hype to do so. However, he has established a great relationship with the promotion and some of its fighters. In fact, last October, Tyson held an event at Tyson Ranch where he invited an array of UFC stars.

During the event, Tyson told reporters that his favorite UFC fighter thus far is former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt. Though it might be somewhat true, Tyson’s pick could also be biased as he followed it up by saying “because he’s with Tyson Ranch.”