Percy Harvin has demanded a trade out of Minnesota.

The second year wide out is looking to be moved due to unspecified issues with the Vikings organization according to a report from the Associated Press.

Harvin first expressed his anger publically on Tuesday at the first day of Vikings minicamps.

I just put it this way, there's a lot of different things that have to be sorted out, Harvin said Tuesday. Just haven't been really happy lately. We've got a couple of things to work on. I'm here in the classroom. We'll go from there.

Harvin hasn't been clear on what is bothering him, though many have speculated that his anger stems from the fact that he is still on his rookie deal. Others have suggested he is growing frustrated with the Vikings slow rebuild and his place in the offense.

Nearly half the teams in the NFL have at least one of their wide receiver slots in question coming into the season, but don't expect any huge moves.

Harvin is one of the top two players under contract for the Vikings and he is certainly their best developing talent. The Vikings have him under contract for two more seasons and the trade market in the NFL (outside of the draft) is best used to get rid of malcontents not gain an actual advantage.

Harvin is coming off a season in which he posted career highs in catches with 87, yards with 967 and touchdowns with nine. Minnesota used their first round pick on him in 2009 and as a result still control him for two more seasons.

If Harvin truly is as upset as he says, then the Vikings would be foolish not to listen to the offers that will doubtlessly roll in for him, but unless a general manager is willing to give Minnesota every single thing they would ask for in return there is no reason to make the move.

In all likelihood, Harvin's trade demand is just another instance of an immature player acting out to the public when he doesn't get what he wants. Harvin is no stranger to this kind of behavior either. His antics in high school were enough to earn him a ban from competition in the state of Virginia.

Be it is positive test for marijuana at the NFL combine, his constant absenteeism from practice, games and meetings thanks to illnesses, migraines and other minor injuries, Harvin brings drama with his talent.

But that drama is no reason to give into this demand and ship him somewhere else. Despite the distractions he can help the Vikings and they would be foolish to give in and give up on their headstrong star.