SEC football
The SEC unveiled its long-awaited schedule on Wednesday. reuters

The University of Missouri's application to the Southeastern Conference is inevitable and imminent, according to a report.

Missouri had wavered a bit on whether it would pursue the SEC or stay in a reformed Big 12, but appear to have made a decision and will be headed to the SEC.

Missouri's Board of Curators will meet on Thursday and Friday to discuss and officially begin the process of withdrawing from the Big 12 to move to the SEC, according to The New York Times.

Once the school officially applies, The New York Times reports no problems with gathering enough votes among SEC presidents for it to become a member.

Missouri's decision to make a move to the SEC starts up the conference realignment carousel again. A loss of Missouri would drop the Big 12 to nine teams and the conference will likely look to expand with at least one more school.

The likely targets are BYU, Louisville, and West Virginia, which doesn't bode particularly well for the Big East. The Big East conference schools agreed to an exit fee increase of $5 million on Monday night, but that might not stop the Big 12 from poaching Louisville and/or West Virginia.

The Big East is hoping to expand to 12 football-playing schools and is expected to offer invites to Air Force, Boise State, and Navy as football-only members. The conference is also expected to offer Houston, Central Florida, and SMU as all-sport members.

The Big East has set a 1:30 p.m. teleconference call on Tuesday with commissioner John Marinatto to discuss conference realignment. The New York Post reports that Marinatto won't discuss specific teams or plans, but will merely focus on the increased buyout fee and possibly discuss the 27-month waiting period rule.

The rule makes schools announce their departure 27 months in advance - meaning schools like Pittsburgh and Syracuse may have to wait an additional 27 months before joining the ACC.