The San Francisco Giants are streaking although there could be changes up ahead. The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching and the team is reportedly engaged in intense trade discussions with other ballclubs. They do have assets that could interest other teams but any move may likely happen only if they get something significant in return.

Among the top names from the Giants' bullpen include Madison Bumgarner, Will Smith, Tony Watson and Sam Dyson, league sources told Jim Bowden of The Athletic. A deal is expected to be consummated if the trade-off makes sense and beneficial to San Francisco. So unless something like that comes close, the Giants may not be that serious in changing things up.

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that the Giants almost traded starting pitcher Bumgarner a month ago. The deal never pushed through although the scenario could change before the MLB trade deadline. Seeing however that Bumgarner has been on one of the reasons behind the Giants streak, it would all depend on what is on the table. Jeff Passan of ESPN mentioned that the team is still pursuing "a trade-Bumgarner-and-all-the-relievers plan,"

On whether Bumgarner's performance against the Colorado Rockies will alter those plans remain to be seen. But as points out, at least three teams are scrapped because they are on 29-year-old's no-trade list. These are the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

And looking at the bigger picture, trades will also depend on what the Giants want moving forward. They are left with the inevitable task of deciding on whether they will rebuild or contend but short-term.

As of this writing, they are in the middle of the pack with a 48-49 win-loss record in the NL West and are just several games out of the second wild-card spot. The month of July has seen them play the best baseball of the season, further adding complication on whether they should go for it or look ahead. Seeing how their current run is something MLB fans have not seen in a long while, such leaves team manager Bruce Bochy in a delicate situation. That could depend on whether they can sustain their streak or the team starts sputtering towards the MLB trade deadline.