MMA sensation and Bellator rising star Dillon Danis is not yet done blasting UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In his post-fight interview after a first-round submission win against Max Humphrey at Bellator 222, Danis called out UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones once again. For over a year now, Danis has been taunting Jones every now and then.

The Bellator rising star made his latest jab at Jones during a recent interview with ESPN in which the welterweight fighter said he had offered a grappling match with the champ. And if he and Jones ever face each other, he said he would take the champ’s leg home with him, Bloody Elbow reported.

“I offered to do a grappling match with him. If we fought in MMA, I feel like, from his stance and how tall he is, if I did an Imanari roll I would take his leg home with me,” Danis stressed.

Clearly, Danis is not intimidated by Jones’ height and size. In fact, he even sees their differences as his advantage. Danis was also very confident with his jiu jitsu skills and said that he has been fighting the biggest guys.

Danis even bragged that he had fought seven 300-pound guys on the same day. “Why not? I come from jiu jitsu where we fight the biggest guys. I’ve fought guys that are like 300 pounds in jiu jitsu. You have to do it. I fought seven of them in the same day. So I don’t know man, I’m a different kind of martial artist. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, training with anybody and anywhere,” Danis continued.

It appears that this was not the first time Danis had talked trash about Jones. About a year ago, the Bellator fighter once stated that he would make quick work of Jones if they ever met in grappling competition. He even mentioned former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and said that he would submit him too on the same night, noted.

“I could submit you and [Brock] Lesnar in the same night,” Danis said.

It is hard to tell if Danis can really submit guys double his size, but he seems pretty consistent in his statements about it. Sources suggested that Danis is kind of delusional by stating this and may have been influenced by former two-division champ Conor McGregor as they both train with each other at SBG Ireland.