Snoop Dogg donned a robe and sandals for this year’s hip-hop remake of “Bible bad boy Moses” versus Catholicism’s Santa Claus.

Snoop D-O-double-G (who went by Snoop Lion for a time) appeared in the Epic Rap Battles of History web series.

In this year's holiday edition, comedians parody Santa Claus versus the Jewish lawgiver Moses in a YouTube video that has already gone viral with nearly 11 million views after being posted on the video-based site for a mere week.

Epic Rap Battles of History videos often consist of comedians parodying a war on words by using pop and historical figures. Their latest video is no exception.

"When I was high upon the mountain," raps Snoop as Moses.

He then inhales a joint and says, "God revealed the truths of the Earth, but he never mentioned a fat ass Papa Smurf. It takes nine reindeer to haul your fat ass, you took the Christ out of Christmas and just added more mass."

Rap battles of the past include the Wright Brothers vs. the Mario Brothers. There are also videos that puts Bruce Lee against Clint Eastwood, Abe Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris and Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven.

Continue reading for the full lyrics of the holiday rap battle featuring Snoop:

Santa Claus:

Sweet robes, Obi

Wan-too-many days in the sun

Stop preaching homie

Teach your flock to covet some fun

I bring joy every year

Man I represent cheer

You represent sandals

And a scraggly beard

I'm from the North Pole

That's why my rhymes are so cold

I spit diamonds

But I'm serving up some fresh coal

You've been a naughty boy

You brought a plague of frogs

You best arrest yourself

You Broke your own law

Or was there something in rule six I didn't understand?

My list says killed Egyptian dude

Buried him in sand

I read your book

You got a strict religion

No bacon?

But mandatory circumcision

I'm a jolly bowl of jelly

Giving holiday presents

But all the chosen people ever get

For Christmas is jealous



When I was high upon the mountain

God revealed the truths of the Earth

But he never mentioned

A fat a** Papa Smurf

It takes nine reindeers

To haul your fat a**

You took the Christ outta Christmas

And just added more mass

You need to stop breaking

Into houses and creeping

And peeping on naughty kids

While they sleeping

And keep your hands off my stocking

Don't you Ho Ho me

I'll split you’re a** in half

Like I did the Red Sea.

You ain't a saint you a slaver

Like a pharaoh in the snow

Stop with the unpaid labor

And let my little people go.



We ain't slaves!

All that sand turned your brains to mush



I think you need to stop smoking

All that burning bush



Yeah we're magical workers man

We hang with reindeers

Yo here's a GPS

Who gets lost for 40 years?



You're a glorified secretary

So write this down

Begat deez nuts

Santa Claus is coming to town



So much drama in the Israe-L B.C.

It's kinda hard talking directly

To the G O single D

Hand me a chisel

I got a new commandizzle for y'all

Thou shalt not let children

Sit on a grown man's lap at the mall

I'll beat you ten times

Before the bread can rise you dummy

And walk off into the land

Of my milk and honies.