There are a lot of NBA players forced out of action either through injury or via some violation in the past weeks. That becomes a cause for concern for teams who are now forced to look for replacements. One name that makes sense is Carmelo Anthony. Teams in need of instant offense could benefit from the 35-year-old. So far, no ballclub has come close to doing that.

Regardless, Anthony remains hopeful. In fact, Melo said he is 2,000 percent ready when he was asked if he still wanted to play NBA ball in a video taken by @sny_knicks. With that said, the only thing left right now is which team would take a chance on the 10-time All-Star.

It has been almost a year since Anthony played competitive basketball. He suited up for the Houston Rockets but played only 10 games. It was a forgettable stint for the third overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft and he has remained idle since then. Some believe he is being blackballed while others are questioning his ability to blend into a system of teams.

But at the way things are going right now, the chances of Anthony rejoining the NBA should be better. The Golden State Warriors have been besieged by injuries to key players while other teams need some scoring push. Aside from Anthony, other players who could be given a second look include J.R. Smith. There is also Andre Iguodala in the sidelines.

The three-time NBA champion continues to wait where the Memphis Grizzlies will deal him. In a previous post, it was mentioned that a team likely to sign him was the Los Angeles Lakers. This was mainly due to his relationship with Rob Pelinka, his former agent.

For teams like the Warriors, considering Anthony may not hurt. The 2013 NBA scoring champion is open to playing even on a veteran's minimum just to play pro ball. If not, teams could offer him a 10-day contract and see how it works out from there. These are options that have not come his way, further adding a mesmerizing twist on whether Anthony is indeed being blackballed.