• The Golden State Warriors have struggled in this year's regular-season
  • They are looking to bounce back next year with Klay Thompson's return
  • Thompson wants to stay with the Warriors until the end

After five straight Finals appearances and three championships, the Golden State Warriors are now taking time off as the juggernaut team in the league. Multiple-time MVP Steph Curry spent the majority of the season from the stands as he recovered his injured hand.

The Warriors’ current roster is a far image from their dominant days. But they’ve made the moves to prepare them in seasons to come as the Bay Area team is looking forward to rebuilding their squad.

They acquired D’Angelo Russell in the offseason and eventually traded for former number 1 overall pick, the athletic forward Andrew Wiggins. Given their last-place record in the standings they are also expected to win the first pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

To add to the Warriors comeback, one-half of the splash brothers Klay Thompson is due for a return. The sharpshooter has been taking some time off to rehabilitate his injured knee. He tore his ACL while he was on pace for another strong game 6 performance in the recent NBA finals.

Given his pivotal role in the team, Thompson said that he wants to be with the organization for the next ten years. Klay’s dad, former number one overall pick Mychal Thompson shared his son’s long-term goal. By way of Clutch Points, the older Thompson indicated that his son also loved playing with Curry. “He has said it to me in private that he loves playing with Steph and he wants to retire as a Warrior after another 10 years.”

He adds that the splash brothers have a unique connection that could not be matched by anyone else. “He wants to go into the Hall of Fame along with Steph. That’s how close he feels to him and how honored he is to play with him. They have formed a special bond.”

Thompson is known to be one of the best shooters in the game. While Curry has been tearing it up beyond the arc with record after record, Klay is right behind him in his accomplishments.

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson 's future remains murky although money matters could factor in after this NBA season. Klay Thompson #11 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after he was called for a foul against the New Orleans Pelicans at ORACLE Arena on January 16, 2019 in Oakland, California. Getty Images/Ezra Shaw