• Derek Fisher and fiancé Gloria Govan postponed their wedding around three weeks ago
  • Coronavirus concerns forced them not to proceed in tying the knot
  • The couple is now focused on helping the pandemic frontliners by providing them food and masks

The wedding bells can wait for the former Los Angeles Lakers guard as most people are still dealing with the pandemic virus.

Ex-NBA point guard Derek Fisher is still making an assist to the heroes of the coronavirus fight as he and his fiancé Gloria Govan decided to suspend their wedding. In an article by, the couple will reschedule their wedding due to the virus spread. “It was just based off of what the CDC advised and the current state of affairs,” said Govan. “We just felt like it was in everyone’s best interest, really.”

TMZ interviewed the couple and revealed that they are currently focusing their attention on extending their hand to assist the people who are leading the way in fighting COVID-19. The star of the “Basketball Wives” shared that she spoke to her sister and that’s what made them decide to help the pandemic heroes.

“We’ve gotten involved in donating both masks and .. actually, my sister who is a nurse at North, we’ve actually spoken to her and we’re gonna start donating food to the frontline as well,” said Fisher’s bride-to-be, saying that the food that they will be donating will include burritos, tacos, and combos courtesy of their restaurant, Gorditos.

“Currently, we've had a furlough about 70-percent of our employees,” revealed Govan, who said that they have 12 employees from the original number of 34 with her and Derek already dong an active role with the restaurant as well like serving.

The wedding was supposed to be this weekend and the virus outbreak came in just at the worst time possible and as far as the Los Angeles Sparks’ coach in the WNBA, they are also trying to think when the plans will resume.

“We’re kinda on hold like many people in the world right now but we’ll figure it out,” said the five-time NBA champion with the Lakers while comparing it to the availability of an athlete’s schedule, especially with his schedule with the WNBA once the conference resumes.

Derek Fisher
Former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher reacts against the Brooklyn Nets during the third quarter at Barclays Center, Feb. 6, 2015. Reuters/Adam Hunger