• Tristan Thompson is in a good position to possibly win another NBA title with the Bulls
  • Thompson caps short stay with Pacers with a big game against the Wizards
  • Thompson gets trolled for his farewell message to the Pacers

Tristan Thompson’s stay in Indiana comes to an end after playing just four games for the Pacers.

Although it was a short stint, the 30-year-old still penned a lengthy farewell message.

Although the gesture was normal for any NBA player who would be leaving a club regardless of his length of tenure, there were online trolls who took a swipe at the gesture of the one-time NBA champion on Instagram.

Some felt that Thompson made it look like he had been part of the Pacers for a long time, while others even were relieved because the so-called “Kardashian Curse” is no longer in Indianapolis.

Then again, several fans were thankful for Thompson’s brief stay. He capped his four-game stint with a big game against the Washington Wizards, finishing with 17 points and six rebounds in 21 minutes of action.

Thompson--who once played with LeBron James under the Cleveland Cavaliers--is set to move to the Chicago Bulls, something that was uncannily announced by Pacers coach Rick Carlisle during the post-game interview.

“Well, it was fun while it lasted. He’s going to be joining a different team. He’s going to be waived tomorrow, and he’ll be joining a contending team in the East, a little bit north, if anybody wants to tweet. Stars with a C and ends with an O,” Carlisle told reporters.

Along with Tyrese Haliburton, and Buddy Hield, Thompson was acquired by the Pacers in the trade with the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Justin Holiday, Jeremy Lamb, Domantas Sabonis, and a 2023 second-round pick

Looking ahead, Thompson could still have the last laugh since he will be joining a playoff-bound team.

The Bulls have been rolling this season although it remains to be seen how deep they can go in the post-season wars.

The No. 4 pick of the 2011 NBA Draft will provide front-court help for the Bulls. If things fall into place, he could even possibly win another NBA ring with Chicago.

DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine are leading the charge for Chicago, a reason why they are at the top of the Eastern Conference standings alongside the Miami Heat.

Tristan Thompson #13 of the Boston Celtics
Tristan Thompson #13 of the Boston Celtics Getty Images | Meg Oliphant