• LeBron James and his family attended the red carpet premiere of "Space Jam: A New Legacy"
  • Mark Phillips of RDCWorld1 finally got to meet James and they shared a moment
  • RDCWorld1 has been making skits based on several NBA players for a couple of years now

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were trounced in six games by Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns en route to a finals berth, where they currently have a 2-1 lead over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Despite not battling it out for a title, the extended offseason will do wonders for James’ career as he battled with a high-ankle sprain throughout much of the season.

It seems that Father Time’s record is about to remain unbeaten as he comes for the 17-time All-Star forward.

However, part of resting in the offseason also includes spending quality time with family and friends--and possibly catching a movie.

James and his family were in attendance for the premiere “Space Jam: A New Legacy” in which James stars in, alongside many of his peers from both the NBA and WNBA.

Former Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh was also in attendance at Regal LA Live and both were seen to be having a conversation and exuded the closeness that they have despite splitting up after their 2014 NBA Finals loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

However, an unexpected meeting between James and one of the YouTube’s biggest creators certainly took centerstage.

Mark Phillips of RDCWorld1 was also in attendance and he finally got to meet the Lakers star, and James made it known right off the bat that he watches their videos.

“The King” was referencing an earlier skit that RDCWorld1 produced featuring his hyperbolized reaction to hearing James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

The RDCWorld1 crew have been making waves on the internet for their videos that range from slice-of-life skits, to anime skits to hip-hop, with Phillips becoming even more famous for his now-iconic “Jermaine… Cole” line, and basketball which features James, Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers, and many other NBA stars.

RDCWorld1 stands for “Real Dreams Change the World,” and with Phillips finally getting to meet the Lakers star, their dreams are certainly coming true one day at a time.

The group also met J. Cole a couple of days ago.

James has previously expressed his desires to remain in Los Angeles until he retires, and based on the early reception of his new movie, that might certainly be the case for him and his family.